What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is an effective form of therapeutic foot massage. It is a specific pressure technique which works on precise reflex points on the foot. This causes physiological changes to take place in the body as the body's own healing potential is stimulated. Applying specific pressure to the 7,000 nerve endings in the foot stimulates the nervous system, glands and organs which improves circulation, relieves tension and activates the client's healing potential.
What is a Reflexology session like?
A Reflexology session begins with a warm foot bath followed by massaging the feet while the client reclines on a massage table.

What results should I expect?
Reflexology is a soothing, relaxing experience – but it is more than just a foot massage! It provides relief and encourages healing for a number of different illnesses. Its benefits may include:
Improved circulation
Pain and stress reduction
Improved post-operative results
Complement to cancer care
Decreased muscle tension and swelling
Relief from digestive disorders
Helpful in treating a number of other disorders including arthritis, insomnia and hormonal imbalances
People's responses vary widely when describing their results after a reflexology session. Some report almost instant pain relief; others describe a feeling of relaxation or peace; still others experience some fatigue immediately after the session, which is later replaced with increased energy over the next several days.

Can Reflexology be integrated with traditional medical therapies?
Reflexology is a holistic healing technique. It aims at inducing a state of balance and harmony. While reflexology is not intended to be a diagnostic tool or a replacement for regular medical check-ups, it has been shown to be an effective and powerful tool for helping to promote healing. By using reflexology as a complimentary therapy, practitioners are able to increase the efficacy of traditional medical treatments.
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